Turkish 'snack' bread sold all over Turkey, bread rolls covered in sesame seeds


A fair few years ago I had a wonderful time visiting Turkey. I spent time in Istanbul then to Ankara followed by a visit to the captivating and very unusual area of Cappadocia. If you even get the chance go and visit. The Lonely Planet describes it better than I can. The history and the culture is a mixture of east and west, exotic yet sophisticated. Everywhere you go you will find a spot that feels like it has never changed. The food there is wonderful, and needs a whole blog to itself but I want to mention the bread here. Fresh bread is readily available throughout the day and a Turk would not sit down to a meal without bread, it is definitely the Turkish stable along with tea (or chai as they call it). It seems that at every street corner appears to have simit sellers. These circular bread rings covered in sesame seeds are delicious. Eaten on their own or with cheese, jam or honey they make a perfect breakfast accompaniment. A Turkish breakfast is a treat in itself. Tulum cheese, Feta cheese, olives, honey, jams, cucumber and tomatoes are just some of the delicious foods you will find on a Turkish breakfast table.  On one occasion travelling through the mountains we stopped for breakfast and a veritable feast came out.  I remember breaking open a warm simit and spreading it with butter, except it turned out to be Turkish cream, kaymak, so thick you cut with a knife and spreads like butter, not sweet but certainly not I was use to on bread. I looked at a few recipes for simits but felt this one was the best. My first attempt turned out a bit of an odd ring more oval really but I am getting better with practice.

Simit seller can be found wandering the streets of any Turkish Town but try finding the actual bakery for one fresh from the oven!!

Simit seller