Aussie damper bread

So I was getting into the mood of cooking and wanted to look up some good bread made right here in Australia. I gotta tell you there is a few recipes that looked really good and I think I’m going to do some baking in the next couple days to see which one of the damper bread recipes I liked the most. Here’s the recipe I’m going to be trying this week:


To serve

So hopefully I can get this right as I’ve had a few problems in the past with baking.. I’m not the greatest with cooking at all. But being here in Australia this is a bread that is quite common and well known all over. It’s soft like other breads you find in Europe and Turkey. I’ve tried some while I was in Europe and Turkey and they are quite similar to this Australian bread recipe but sometimes damper bread has a tough crust if you leave it out too long in open air. It’s best to eat it soon after being made or cover it up. Happy Eating!

Damper bread from Australia