About Me

Yes, that’s right, this is my blog about bread. Bread, the lovely accompaniment to meals  that has provided a way of life for civilizations from the first wakes of humanity to contemporary societies today. Bread will forever be important, historically, politically and of course, nutritionally. Yes, I know all of this sounds ambitious, and potentially far reaching. But I safely protest that this is not my logic behind promoting this blog and the contributing ideas. I just like bread!

As a certain, tactful French queen once mentioned: let them eat cake! We don’t need a monarchy to tell us what to do, and we nevertheless occupy ourselves today with the task of perfecting the production of bread. Societies of the global south ensure that bread accompanies each meal, while those in the global north do not go far from that.

Table breads, breakfast breads, infused breads, flat breads, wheat breads, homemade breads… each of these complex entities baffle me and their importance. Even health issues abound: does white bread reduce brain capacity? Does bread itself contribute to being overweight?

All the while, my own mother still can manage to successfully bake bread in our own oven! I suppose this conversation takes many angles and that’s why i’m here to promote this blog. Maybe my research and anecdotes will get you thinking a little deeper about the intricacies of bread. I hope you enjoy!


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